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Xavi is an accompanist of spiritual and therapeutic processes with 25 years of experience in the field of humanism, integrative mysticism and awakening psychology.

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your own

THE SEARCH - The Power of Acceptance

There are internal or external situations that manifest themselves through painful emotions, generating suffering and making us feel confused, blocked or collapsed. However, the pulse of life moves us to seek the path that helps us to accept, assimilate and transform what we are going through.


Express everything you are feeling in front of a witness who listens to you empathically with openness, acceptance and without judgment.

We all need a compassionate accompaniment to feel more relaxed and more available; this type of listening regulates our psychobiology, thus recovering our fluidity, resilience and capacity to respond in a healthy and harmonious way.


"The work with him has been clear and grounding. My inner self, and all the practical aspects of my life have been impressively transformed. I actually feel like I have rediscovered what it is to be happy and open-hearted."
~ Julian. Manager and entrepreneur.

SELF-REGULATION - Clarity and Resources

An accompaniment based on presence and trust, helps you connect with your vulnerability: that healthy part of you that knows how to find the clarity and resources to restore the natural balance that allows you to respond in a rooted, light and healthy way to your life situations.

"There is nothing more amazing than the innate ability we have to heal ourselves." Xavi.

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