Xavi Domènech

Founder and director of Xavi Domènech Institute.

Tantra master and internationally renowned therapist.

Accompanist of spiritual and therapeutic processes with 25 years of experience. A meditation teacher with the professionalism of an excellent, deep and loving therapist, extensively trained in the areas of Mysticism (Tantra, Sufism, Tao...), Humanistic Therapy (Counseling, Family Constellations and Gestalt Area), Healing (body work, Bioenergetics, Martial Arts, Taoist Alchemy and Chinese Medicine), and an inspiring personal journey.

Xavi guides International Trainings from 2 to 4 years in 3 continents and Online. He has accompanied thousands of people to transform existential, traumatic, sexual and relational aspects, among others, and has mentored renowned Tantra teachers and therapists. The effectiveness of his methods always combines loving care with depth and meticulous delicacy. Thanks to his magnetic charisma, his dynamism, authenticity and closeness, he manages to create an atmosphere of love, presence and trust, which allows to deepen the transforming alchemy in a safe, liberating and integrating way. A tireless traveler, he is a lover of the sea and sailing.

Marcela Gutierrez

Executive Director Xavi Domènech Institute

Trained in various traditions of Tantra, Chan and Zen Buddhism, Sufism, and Fourth Way, among others. She has been an Integral Yoga teacher and international speaker since 2015, after several years of residency at Bihar School of Yoga in India, where she trained in Sannyasa Training, Progressive Training for Satyananda Yoga Teachers and Yoga Chakra.

Since 2017 she has been linked to the Tantra Institute - Xavi Domènech, training in Colombia, India and Spain, and at present she is fully dedicated to her role as executive director, supporting the Institute's projects in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Trained as a visual artist in Bogota, with a Master's degree in Exhibition Design and Management and a D.E.A. in New Cultural and Artistic Practices in Spain. She was a research fellow at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 2011, and held private exhibitions of her artistic work with clear influence of sacred geometries in Colombia, Spain and Switzerland, integrating her artistic work with her spiritual path.

Alba Duñó

Actress and postgraduate at the Xavi Domènech Institute, in charge of communication and promotion.

Since she began training in theater schools 15 years ago, she has discovered masters rooted in Sufi and Tibetan traditions linked to the performing arts.

Today she is a postgraduate of the Tantra Institute. She defines herself as a soul researcher, inspired and guided by the Zen tradition and by great masters such as Osho.

She develops as a professional actress, theater teacher and accompanist of processes, with her tools; tantra and theater.

In the last 4 years she has dedicated herself to working in her living room, creating shows, offering theater and tantra workshops. She accompanies processes on an acting or personal level and has continued to be part of the institute as an assistant.
She lives in Masnou (Barcelona), near the sea.

She studies Gurgieff (dance and enneagram), Grotowski (relationship between voice, breath and emotion), Roudof Stainer (meditation and humanism). Her knowledge develops from movement, theater, meditation and humanism. In 2009 she approaches Tantra for the first time, with Xavi Domènech, her teacher, awakening in her a whole path of transformation. She dedicates more than 6 years to her training.

Julia Serrano

Xavi Domenech Institute Online Training Coordinator

She studied Marketing, Advertising and Creative Writing. She is a freelancer and works from anywhere in the world. She is dedicated to discovering the essence of what people and companies want to communicate in order to generate strategies and content that express it in the most honest and authentic way possible. She practices meditation and writing as a channel for her own truth.

She finds herself in 2018 with tantra and falls in love at first sight with this path of transformation through relationships with others. She currently shares her passion for tantra by accompanying the online training groups and receiving the teachings of the Xavi Domenech Institute.

Writer, traveler, mother of two children and seeker of human experiences that lead to self-knowledge and freedom.

Ana Cristina Eraso

Teacher Xavi Domènech Institute.

Integrative Gestalt therapist, family constellator, sexual and couple coach. She has studies in Sexual Orientation and is a teacher in Tantra at the Xavi Domenech Institute. She is dedicated to individual and couple therapy, she gives workshops in Tantra and Psychorporal Work in Latin America.

It works integrally with emotions, body, spirituality and sexuality from the simple and powerful to dignify every experience and live it as valuable learning for personal growth.

Ana lives in Bogotá, Colombia where she began her work in service to vulnerable communities, especially with adolescents displaced by violence. She is trained in the Application of Citizenship Competencies for Peaceful Coexistence and Neurolinguistic Programming Applied to Human Management.

She is dedicated to teaching and giving workshops that benefit human capacities in emotional empowerment and resilience. She has traveled to different countries vibrating in cultural empathy and learning about relationships in a globalized and changing world. She develops immersive and transformative creative works through the body, using movement, gestures and contact. She has extensive experience in therapeutic massage, which she incorporates intuitively in emotional healing processes. She is the coordinator of Movimiento Vital Expresivo.

Mila Morte

Optional teacher

She stands out as a Gestalt therapist and teacher in Tantra at the Xavi Domènech Tantra Institute. She is trained in Integrative Psychology of the Enneatypes, Claudio Naranjo's SAT Program. She is a teacher of the Diputació de Barcelona in Communicative Skills and trainer of trainers.

She has studied different types of psychotherapy: Psychocorporal, Movement and Dance; Equinoformation; Leadership and Group Management; Communication Techniques, Conflict Resolution, etc.

Her area of research focuses on sexuality and how to live it in a healthy and natural way, delving into the beliefs that limit us and acquired judgments.

In the workshops she organizes, she enjoys including all parts of the BEING (body, mind, emotion and spirituality) of each participant, allowing them their own self-discovery.

She collaborates giving talks and conferences in different centers and especially in the Institute, being co-director of the Tantra Festival at Easter, teacher in the training and therapeutic support in the same.

Cristina Reventos

Teacher and public relations.

Tantra teacher, Gestalt therapist, integrative body, systemic and massage therapist. Specialized in couples accompaniment and expert in sexuality, codependence, family and parenting.

Trained in shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology, Thai and tantric massage. She specializes in massage for pregnant women.

She came in contact with the Tantra Institute in 2010 and since then she has been collaborating with it closely, while being trained in the different programs. Cristina is a traditional midwife and doula, accompanying the process of pregnancy, home birth and postpartum.

Resident in Ibiza, she is a great lover of expression through dance, body, voice and life.

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