Junio, 2021

14jun(jun 14)1:00 am17(jun 17)1:00 amHEALING SEXUAL TRAUMA 4 -DAY ONLINE WORKSHOP1:00 am - 1:00 am (17)

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14 – 17th June


We are extremely pleased to present XAVI DOMÈNECHINSTITUTE‘s first English online course of 2021.

Hundreds of students have enjoyed Xavi’s life Trainings and Courses in English on various locations worldwide, but only the Spanish-speaking community has had the opportunity to receive Online Training since 2020.

This very special 4-afternoon workshop will be not only a very profound therapeutic experience for every participant, but also an opportunity for all English speakers to receive again Xavi Domènech’s unique style of professionally and lovingly supporting and guiding us into a truly moving and transformative process.




We welcome you in advance, and thank you for being part of this alchemy, from heart to heart!

In its natural state, the dimension of sexuality is a door to joy, to connect with the body, a way to pleasure and celebration; however, it is also one of the areas that most awakens vulnerability, which is why it requires infinite listening, care and attention.

Naturally, in sexuality, we seek a safe and joyful intimacy, which may provide a sense of home and love as we undress literally and metaphorically. At the same time, exposing ourselves in such intimate ways, we open spaces where we may encounter wounds, lack of self-confidence, or perhaps even come to experience pain or a sense of danger.

However, the traumas and wounds that we may have suffered, that are engraved in the body, mind and emotions, can be overcome and healed by compassionately listening to them, giving them the care they require. By means of extremely simple and sensitive processes, we may allow our own essence to bring us back to our natural health.

In us lies the ability to embrace those places that have closed and contracted, honoring those defenses without forcing or pretending that they be different. This compassion and loving embrace that we can give ourselves, generates a natural, delicate and respectful transformation at our own pace. We will gradually begin to feel reconnected with that healthy sexual energy that inhabits all human beings, as well as perceiving its powerful healing and amazing beauty.

This four-afternoon workshop will provide us with key tools to lovingly enter into this delicate process, whether we have some recognized sexual trauma, or are simply interested in deepening this fascinating dimension and re-energizing it…taking care of it and returning to the process of really listening to our body and its infinite wisdom.



In this workshop we will get it touch with ourselves through body listening, active and passive meditations and dialectical inquiry, always supported by a therapeutic, safe and loving space. In it we will generate new registers, remember and nurture our healthy resources, and allow them to take more space within our sexuality. We will also create a very tangible space of compassionate love that will help us generate understanding, increase feelings of grounding, trust and security in our relationship to sexuality. We will create an inner space where we can begin to integrate and resolve past traumatic experiences.



  • Integrative meditations.
  • Somatic and energetic awareness exercises.
  • Dialectical exploration of the healthy part of your sexuality.
  • Understanding the importance of limits to enter into a healthy relationship.
  • We will develop tools to feel more rooted in the body.
  • We will learn to distance ourselves from judgments, shame and unworthiness.
  • We will learn to feel at peace within our body, our sex and our vital energy.
  • We will enter into the harmonic part of our sexuality.
  • We will go deeper into the transpersonal dimension of forgiveness.
  • Principles of tantric sexuality.



Anyone who without any other reason feels attracted to this subject.

Anyone who has had trauma or is experiencing any kind of sexual difficulty.

Anyone interested in exploring the fields of the body, healing, Tantra, self-discovery, sexuality.

Therapists, constellators, Gestalt therapists, massage therapists, or educators who want to expand their experience in the field of Tantra and Sexual Trauma Healing.

In this workshop we will respect the privacy of individual experiences, so at any time will we ask to share any traumatic experience you don’t feel like sharing.



Spain / EU

Monday 14th – Thursday 17th

19h – 21:15h

June 2021

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Internationally renowned Tantra master and therapist.

25 years of experience guiding spiritual and therapeutic processes. A meditation teacher with the professionalism of an excellent, deep and loving therapist. Extensively trained in the areas of Mysticism (Tantra, Sufism, Tao…), Humanistic Therapy (Counseling, Family Constellations and Gestalt Area), Healing (Body Work, Bioenergetics, Martial Arts, Taoist Alchemy and Chinese Medicine), and an inspiring personal journey.

Xavi guides 2- to 4-year International Trainings in 3continents and Online. He has accompanied thousands of people to transform existential, traumatic, sexual, and relational aspects, among others, and has mentored renowned Tantra teachers and therapists.

The effectiveness of his methods always combines loving care with depth and meticulous delicacy. Due to his magnetic charisma, his dynamism, authenticity, and closeness, he manages to create an atmosphere of love, presence, and trust, which allows a deepening of the transforming alchemy in a safe, liberating and integrating way.



If you have any questions or require further information, don’t hesitate to contact us clicking on any of the following:








EARLY BIRD until May 15th: 197 €



14 (Lunes) 1:00 am - 17 (Jueves) 1:00 am

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